S No. Product Name Products Desscription
1 RAMA ROS-100 Concentrated Emulsion, Elastomeric & Bouncy Finish, Smoth and Soft Bulky touch, durable to reapeted washing good with rewetting properties. Esay to handle.
2 RAMA ROS-50 Remarkable Softness, lumpy finish, none yellowing effect, biodegradable.
3 RAMA ROS-25 Optimum Softness, Soft & Silky touch, good exhaustibility.
1 RAMA NOS-100 Highly Concentrated emulsion, highly degree of softness, 100% non yellowing effect. Eco friendly.
2 RAMA NOS-50 Imparts wrinkle free finish, better softening effect, specially for, white cotton garments.
3 RAMA NOS-25 Nonionic, non yellowing softner, suitable for use in resin finishing and optical brightening of white goods.
1 RAMA COS-100 Concentrated Softener emulsion for use in finishing of cotton and polyesters cotton blends.
2 RAMA COS-50 Cationic Elastomeric Softener for all types of Fiber specially suited for Producing full & Bulky Handle.
3 RAMA COS-25 Cationic Softener With hydrophobic Nature For Cotton, viscose and its blends, Used for Partial Replacement of Silicone in a Finish.
1 RAMA SEL-4444 Concentrated Emulsion, with high degree of softness imparts Excellent Hydrophilic Properties with softness to Cotton yarns, Woolens. Absorb Moisture, Breath & Smooth to the Skin.
2 RAMA SEL-6666 Silicone Emulsion Specially designed For Polyester Yarn which imparts Wrinkle free Finish & Better Softening Effects, no Use of Urea, Formaldehyde Resin, Eco friendly.
3 RAMA SEL-7777 Silicone emulsion with remarkable Softness to Acrylic yarn with lumpy finish, non yellowing & Ozone fading Effect.
4 RAMA SEL-1111 Silicone Emulsion Specially designed for denim & Non denim which imparts Lumpy finish high degree of softness with non Yellowing effect.
1 RAMA SLD-9999 Silicone Anti foam Emulsion & softener all in one for Jet dyeing Machines, Cost effective, Low time consumption in the process.
2 RAMA SLD-2222 A non- ionic water dilute able silicone emulsion containing 30% Active deformer, Used to Suppress Foam in VAT Dyes, Textile finishing, paper Floating Operations, Fermentation Process.
1 RAMA LAC-55 Dispersing Agent For the dye stuff During dyeing any kind of fabrics , minimize the bareness in dyeing Process , Brigs remarkable color value on the Fabrics.
1 RAMA LAV-100 Non ionic Concentrated dyeing Leveling Agent with Better dye Migration Properties can be use to correct the faulty shades.
2 RAMA LAV-71 Nonionic Leveling Agent based on new chemistry for Dye Stuff in Dyeing of any kind of fabrics Minimize the bareness in Dyeing Process Can be use to Correct the faulty shades.
3 RAMA LAV-50 Leveling Agent for Dye stuff during dyeing of Polyesters.
4 RAMA LAV-25 Leveling Agent for Texturised Polyesters minimized the barriness in dyeing Process.
1 RAMA WSA-99 Non ionic APEO Based Wetting Agent, with high emulsifying Nature for cotton & polyesters Cotton Blended Fabric.
2 RAMA WAN-60 Nonionic APEO Free Low Foaming Wetting Agent for Cellulosic & its Blends to be processed on high turbulence machine.
1 RAMA DFT-79 A low Foaming Ethoxylated based Lubricating Agent to Prevent Creases & Abrasion Marks, Improves the dyeing Quality of the fabrics on jet dyeing.
2 RAMA DFT-49 Low foaming Ethoxylated base Lubricating Agent all in one for Jet dyeing machine Cost effective low time consumptions in process.
1 RAMA STR-100 APEO Free Based Stain Removers for PES & PES Blended fabrics.
2 RAMA STR-60 APEO based Stain removers for Polyesters & Polyesters Cotton Blends.
1 RAMA DNC-60 Non Ionic APEO Based Surfactants For scoring , Soaping Agent for dyed & Printed fabrics.
2 RAMA DNC-40 Non Ionic APEO Free Based Surfactants For scoring, Soaping Agent for dyed & printed fabrics.
1 RAMA DFX-1000 Formaldehyde free Cationic Dye Fixing agent for reactive & direct Dyes does not hampers Shades.
2 RAMA DFX-500 Concentrated Formaldehyde Based cationic dye fixing agent for reactive & Direct Dyes.
3 RAMA DFX-250 Formaldehyde Based cationic Dye fixing Agent for Vat Dyes, Sulphur dyes & Acid Dyes.
1 RAMA R-22 SOFPLUS 100 TEXTILE FINISHING FLUIDS are non-reactive amino modified silicone fluids that give excellent surface smoothness along with softness, durability & Silky finish. Chemi Sil Soft Supra is used for cotton, polyester and its blend yarn and fabric finishing and imparts softness, Smoothness and increase tear strength. It is mainly applied by padding method (dry wet or wet on wet).             DOWNLOAD LITERATURE
1 RAMA GG -100 Guar gum is derived from the ground endosperm of the guar plant. This ia a hardy and drought- resistant plant which grows 1-2m high with vertical stalks. The seed pods grow in clusters on the vertical stalks. The pods are about 15 cm. long and six to nine seeds about 2-3 mm. in diameter. Roughly, 14-16% of the seeds is the hull, 38-45% represent endosperm, and40-46% germ.
1 RAMA TG -100 Table gum is textile used gum which is used in the Sticking the Cloth on the table in Printing Mills it is Matured in White colour.

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